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Hungjung "Simon" Tsai

Cell: (732) 485-7877
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Buyer Alfredo Alejo. 207 Summit Rd Springfield

"Trying to find the right home for your family can be a daunting experience ¨C especially for first time homebuyers. My wife and I were fortunate enough to have Simon to guide us through the process. Simon was not only professional and knowledgeable, but showed a willingness to consistently go above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. Even a few months after we closed, Simon came through for us and found a reputable contractor to help us complete renovations on our home.

We were so impressed with Simon that we are now working with him to find a second home.

- Alfredo A. Perez de Alejo, Esq.

Seller Frederick, 410 Raritan Ave Highland Park

"This is a short letter telling of my experience with Mr. & Mrs. Tsai¡­I have a losing business that Mr. Tsai listed. I wanted a set amount of commission as I knew it was going to be a "tough sale". Shortly after listing, my wife filed for divorce and immediate hold on the sale. After many delays these agents never stopped doing anything but continued to work for a sale. In spite of the fixed amount of commission, they kept trying to get the best possible price for me. I have a feeling most agents would just try to get any price they could just to get the commission amount they could get regardless of the selling price.

I found these two people to be highly ethical and trustworthy to their client. In the future
When and if I need another real estate agent, they will be the first ones that I contact.

- Frederick Lake

Seller Antonia and John, 17 Erin Ct Bridgewater

"Exit First Choice Realty
521 Amboy Avenue
Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095

Dear Mr. Farragher:

We want to thank and commend Simon Tsai & Exit First Choice Realty for listing and selling our home at 17 Erin Court, Bridgewater, New Jersey.

When we first met Simon we liked him immediately. Though we were somewhat reticent to sign up with him because of his language skills we immediately recognized his honesty and professionalism. We had interviewed several other realtors and although they spoke perfect English and were expert sales people we signed with Simon and Exit First Choice Realty. During our interview of Simon, we got the feeling from Simon that not only did he have superior services, he was able to tap into a larger market available through Exit First Choice Realty and his background. He promised to list and to sell our home within a three-month period, which is unheard of; however to our delight, he delivered. His genuine enthusiasm and heart felt approach was refreshing. We¡¯ve dealt with other realtors in the past that promised us the world to get the listing, however once they got the listing the enthusiasm dropped, this was not the case with Simon.

Simon¡¯s sincere honesty and earnestness was displayed throughout the sales process. He kept constant contact with us and gave us feedback after every viewing. He is very industrious and keen on detail. He generated an unusual amount of activity to view the house immediately. As the offers came in, we became confident in his skills and he came through for us. Through Simon¡¯s sale insight we made several thousand dollars more than we expected. He kept our spirits high with his confidence and enthusiasm in this depressed home sales market.

Even though Simon has some difficulty with the language, his words carry great weight; he means what he says and says what he means. We realize every person is different but for us Simon was the most honest realtor that we dealt with. If we were in the market to sell our home again, he would definitely be our first choice. We highly recommend Simon Tsai.

- John and Antonia Rodriguez

Seller Wing, 270 W. Inman Ave, Rahway. Unable to sell house within 2 years

"Simon: ÄúºÃ! ½ñÌì½K춺ž¼sÁË.
²»¹Ü½Y¾Ö²»ÔõüNÁîÈ˝MÒâ, ÎÒ߀ÊǺܸÐÖxÄãµÄ
ŬÁ¦Åc¸¶³ö. ëmÈËÔÚÎ݃rÉÐδÄܱMµÃÈËÒâ, ®…¾¹ÔÚ•rég
ÉÏÄúÚAÁË. Îҵķ¿×ÓÓÐÉÏÊǵ½¬FÔÚ²»µ½Ò»‚€Ôµĕrég,
Äú¾¹È»ÄÜŒ¢·¿×ÓÙu³öÈ¥ÁË. ß@ÔÙÒ»´Î×CÃ÷ÄãÊÇžéžéŒÖÁ

Simon: How are you! We finally signed the contract.
Regardless of the price is not very satisfactory, I was very
grateful to you. Your hard work paid off. Although house price was
not the best, after all, but you win on the time. My house is on the
market less than a month now, I couldn¡¯t believe you got it sold
when others spent 2 years and failed .You once again proved that
you are deserved to be as real expert in selling the house.)

- Wing Gee

Seller Wing, 207 W. Inman Ave. Rahway

Ê×ÏÈ×£¸£ÄãÐÂÄ깤×÷í˜Àû, Éú»îÓä¿ì, Éíów½¡¿µ.
¡° ÈçîŠÒÔƒ”, ˜·Ó^Æä³É¡± ÎÒ‚ƒ½Kì¶í˜ÀûclosingÁË.
¹§×£ÄãÐÂÄêé_éT¼t, ß@ÊÇÄã½üԁíÔÚ·¿ÎÝäNÊÛÉÏÓÖÈ¡µÃ
òœÈ˳ɿƒ, ÖµµÃ‘cÙRÅc¿Ï¶¨µÄ. žé´ËÔÚ¿çԽеÄÒ»ÄêÑe,
There is no house cannot be sold
Only if you meet a lousy agent

ß@Ò²ÊÇÄãß@λ¡±½ðÅÆäNÊÛ¡±µÄŒ‘ÕÕ, ŒÖÁÃûšw.
µÄ·QÌ–ÉÏÔÙÌíÉÏ¡±³¬¼‰¡±ƒÉ×Ö. îA×£¡±ñRµ½¹¦³É¡±
First of all, Happy New Year. I wish you succeed in your work,
enjoy your happy and healthy life.
"The dream come true, optimistic mind made it happen" We
finally closing the house. Congratulate you got a good start in New Year.
You have made a remarkable achievement in recent months by adding
this house to sold listings. It¡¯s certainly worth celebrating across the
new year, I offer greetings as below:

There is no house cannot be sold

Only when you signed a lousy agent

This is you, the "gold metal salesperson" portrayal you deserve.
I hope you continue to work hard in the new year, make persistent efforts,
and add the title with " Super¡±. Wish the best
" Horse year, successful year" )

- Wing Gee

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